Welcome to SCKC

The Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre (SCKC) aims to synthesise and communicate current thinking on the economic success of cities, including issues of jobs, growth, productivity, skills, investment, and innovation and entrepreneurship.  It engages in a range of Knowledge Exchange activities with urban policy makers, including organising seminars, lectures and conferences, as well as producing Briefing Papers.  It also conducts new primary research where important gaps in knowledge have been identified, for example in the changing importance of different mixes of place-based assets (e.g. human capital, social capital, infrastructure, institutional capital and governance), and the changing behaviours of key investment stakeholders in the context of crisis and austerity.

Established in 2012, SCKC started as a joint initiative between the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews but is now entirely based at the University of Glasgow.  It has an advisory board chaired by Sir John Elvidge.  It has five core staff and one doctoral student.

Initial financial support from the Universities of St Andrews and Glasgow has led SCKC to secure funding from the Scottish Cities Alliance to advise on specific initiatives and policy areas.  SCKC’s ambition is to build on its initial success and become a major centre for city economic development research, debate and knowledge exchange in and beyond Scotland.  SCKC is directed by Professor Donald Houston ([email protected]) and sits within the Adam Smith Business School and Urban Studies Department at the University of Glasgow.

Our membership spans public, private and university sectors.  SCKC members are mostly involved in economic development, urban infrastructure, investment, governance, planning and civil engineering.  Our Annual Conference is a major meeting place of SCKC Network members to share ideas, meet new people and hear presentations on cutting-edge urban research and policy developments.

To join the SCKC Network, please email us.